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Emiliano Lena Hypnotherapy

Emiliano Lena Hypnotherapy

   Benefits of Hypnosis

  •  No drugs -- you make the changes you want with the help of your own mind. 

  •  It's brief therapy -- a small number of sessions is normally all that's needed to resolve most issues.

  • Cost effective -- since there are usually less than a dozen sessions required.

  •  No negative side effects -- though you may be more relaxed, focused & emotionally balanced.

  • Builds self-esteem and self-confidence .

  • Builds a pervasive sense of peace and the ability to manage stresses effortlessly. 

  •  Low cost, compared to some forms of treatment or modality. 

  • You make the change you want without giving over your control to anyone else .

  • Calm, uplifted emotional state.

  • Increased energy, feeling of having rested well. 

  • Ability to do what you want to do. 

  • Ability to do self-hypnosis to continue to work on your life, after professional sessions have ended.